Adsense Launch Video Units At Last!

October 15, 2007

If you have been following this blog then you would have read a post I wrote titled YouTube To Offer Adsense Video. What this article talked about was that YouTube was going to start offering video as adsense units enabling publishers to use adsense with their video capabilities on YouTube. This ofcourse is exciting for any adsense publisher who is aware of the power of YouTube.


Google has taken it a step further for adsense publishers as now they enable you to earn money from using YouTube. What this does is it allows you to use video content on your blog with an embedded ad using YouTube ‘partner content’.

When you set up your video ad the following options are available to you. You can either choose a category of video to be targeted to your blog, choose a a content provider to provide the video or leave everything entirely up to Adsense. You can get some more information from the Adsense Help Center regarding the use of Video units. Important to not is that at the moment this option is only available to US publishers with sites in English. For an example of the ad units visit Problogger.

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I read your previous post on adsense and youtube but I did not find anything official from Google and now that you have given us the update for the help center is the only other time I see this. Thanks for the info | Gareth | 10.15.2007 |

So far it looks like it is a good intiative again from Google. However it will be interesting to see the downside of this | Nick | 10.15.2007 |

Thanks for the update I read the last post when this was still "speculation". I haven't seen the option yet in my adsense account for video | Anthony | 10.15.2007 |

I also haven't seen the option yet in my adsense account although there is something in my YouTube | Juliette | 10.15.2007 |

Thanks for the heads up! | Chris | 10.15.2007 |

So how do I earn the money? Do my users have to click on the video for me to earn or will I earn when it plays? | Josh | 10.15.2007 |

You have a point Josh I was also wondering if I earn only when the user actually clicks through the video | Ivan | 10.15.2007 |

I will play around with this video option I hope to earn quite a handsome amount then since I have over 300 subscribers to my video channels. I will give feedback on the performance of the units | Tito | 10.15.2007 |

I think this will be more successful for publishers than image ads | Levy | 10.15.2007 |

Yes its true this has potential to be huge | Alex | 10.15.2007 |

How many sizes do they offer for the units? The examples I've seen look too huge or maybe I'm just too picky | Trevor | 10.15.2007 |

Makes sense then that this option is not available in my account as I am an Australian adsense publisher | Ricky | 10.15.2007 |

I wonder when Google plan to make the option available to the rest of the world as we do make a revenue for Google | Victor | 10.15.2007 |


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