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Adsense Launch Video Units At Last!

If you have been following this blog then you would have read a post I wrote titled YouTube To Offer Adsense Video. What this article talked about was that YouTube was going to start offering video as adsense units enabling publishers to use adsense with their video capabilities on YouTube. This ofcourse is exciting for any adsense publisher who is aware of the power of YouTube.


Google has taken it a step further for adsense publishers as now they enable you to earn money from using YouTube. What this does is it allows you to use video content on your blog with an embedded ad using YouTube ‘partner content’.

When you set up your video ad the following options are available to you. You can either choose a category of video to be targeted to your blog, choose a a content provider to provide the video or leave everything entirely up to Adsense. You can get some more information from the Adsense Help Center regarding the use of Video units. Important to not is that at the moment this option is only available to US publishers with sites in English. For an example of the ad units visit Problogger.

Hope this post was of help to you!