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July 16, 2007

You may have noticed that for sometime now business websites usually include a blog. Well makes sense since blogs are given more love by the search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN to name the big players! I started this blog in January of this year and it has far outperformed my websites. So why do blogs rise faster and generally do better than conventional websites? Blogs are always fresh, meaning they are updated more regularly and allow users to interact with the site.

If you are not running a blog or have not integrated one into your site yet, it is advisable to consider doing this. I came across yet another ebook which teaches on how to make money with blogs. This one however caught my attention because it was written by quite a well known blogger by the name of Yaro Starak. He has worked with authorities in the blogosphere like Darren Rowse of Yaro's ebook caught my attention because of the way in which he presents his topics and his simplistic approach in explaining the steps to making money. Hence, I recommend this ebock for you to read. It is free and can be downloaded here. A while ago I recommended another ebook from John Chow on making money online as well. I will host a poll in the next few days to find out which ebook you prefer if at all.

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I read the one you recommended by John Chow. I will see what else is new on the subject from the blog profits blue print and I'll be sure to vote | Fally | 07.16.2007 |

I will get my read on and go to the polls! | Paulo | 07.16.2007 |

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