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June 11, 2007

It's a very cold winter morning here in the Southern Hemisphere with temperatures surging below zero. But share this with you, I must. I'm sure the name John Chow is not unfamiliar to those of you who spend time in the blogosphere or have been pursuing opportunities of making money online. Well, the great John Chow has released a new e-book and get this, it's free!

I have read the book and there are a number of good lessons to be learnt especially if you intend to establish yourself as a blogger and you want to make money online while doing so. I would recommend that you read this e-book whether you are a beginner in the world of making money online or a newbie at blogging and you can download it here.

Download the e-book, read it and let me know what you think of it. Enjoy!

Hope this post was of help to you.


Maybe one or two things I didn't know from the ebook but he's talking about things that are basically common sense | Steve | 06.11.2007 |

There are a couple of useful tips in the book. Not quite what I thought it would be but it's okay.| Oscar | 06.11.2007 |

I don't think that I would recommend this item to a friend, and I'm not how sure i will actually use this product again either. | Peal | 06.11.2007 |

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