Lessons On Improving Adsense Performance

August 10, 2007

It's weekend once again and as usual I have some more adsense lessons for you. The aim is always to help improve your adsense performance and ultimately your earnings. Obvious ways to improve the performance of your ads and test performance of the ads are: placement, blending, ad units etc. There are many lessons to be learnt from these topics.

There is no one person that knows it all no matter how experienced they are in using the adsense program. I like to share knowledge with my readers on what I come across regarding adsense and other topics relating to the effective use of the adsense program.

This time, I was looking around for something other than my opinion on ad placements seeing as I mentioned it in my last post on reducing ad blindness on your web pages. So I found a post I thought would be of help to you. It is from Seopher and he talks about how to improve your Adsense performance in one step. Makes for interesting reading so get the article here. Happy reading!!

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I find that good results come from continuous experiment with the different ad sizes and placement. I don't focus too much on blending and it so far the design of my blog works for me. | Muneer | 08.10.2007 |

Thanks for finding the article. | Hao | 08.10.2007 |

Always interesting to read more opinions. | Fred | 08.10.2007


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