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August 8, 2007

Sometimes it's so difficult to just get $1.00 per day from your adsense ads. The adsense program has gained so much popularity over the years that now it is so ubiquitous on the net. So much so that users now have blinders on and don't seem to notice the ads. It happens all the time in advertising, how many times do you walk right past ad posters in the streets?

I'm sure you'll agree with me that when users surf your site with their ad blinders on it's not good for business. No clicks on ads means no earnings and the whole point of running adsense on your site is to generate revenue. So what do you do to reduce ad blindness? Thankfully Google is always working to improve the adsense program and now you can take advantage of the features offered. Here's how.

  1. Try your utmost best to blend your ads in with the rest of the design and style of your web pages. For me, this has proven to work far better than making the ads blatant. Google gives you the option to change the colors of backgrounds, text and ad links enabling you to better blend your ads into your site.
  2. Experiment with the different ad sizes. I have found that the rectangle ads and the button ad are the best converting. These are the 300x250, 125x125 and 336x280.
  3. Ad placement is often undermined by most webmasters but this is probably one of the biggest factors influencing how ad blindness will affect your click thru rate. I experiment a lot with placement on my different sites. There's an article on ad placement at the Adsense Help Center.
  4. Avoid using borders around your ads unless it really helps the look of the site. Generally the border-less ads work best for most webmasters I have spoken to in forums.
  5. Make sure that your content and keywords are focused enough to give you relevant ads. Remember that irrelevant ads create ad blindness too and they lose you money. So focus your keywords, apply section targeting.

Surely there must be other tips you have used or heard of to prevent ad blindness. I have deliberately left out the issue of placing images next to your ads because there is a lot of argument on this issue and the TOS states that it is prohibited.

Hope this post was of help to you!



I found this at Digital Point " Placing images above AdSense ads is not necessarily prohibited by program policies. However, depending on the method of implementation this could be considered encouraging users to click on ads. So you should include a border line between the ads and the images. Don't show specific products in your images, in order not to mislead the visitors. Just use generic images that will increase the visibility of your ads." |Sangita | 08.8.2007 |

There are still sites using generic images next to their ads and they haven't got banned yet | Cheywe | 08.8.2007 |

The small rectangle 300x250 is my best converting ad size too | Deborah | 08.8.2007

The issue of images next ads is real tricky even with inclusion of a border the Adsense Team sent me a warning email so I would say don't do it! | Josh | 08.8.2007

I agree with Josh not to just use images right next to ads | Chris | 08.8.2007


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