Misconceptions About Earning Online

July 30, 2007

Each day there are millions of new comers to the world of internet marketing and making money online. As with all things on the net, these people get an information overload when they try and look for help on how to make money online. The overwhelming amount of information from the 'gurus' and everyone else is confusing and usually does not give the foundations of what internet marketing is all about. Let's get back to basics in this post.

I'm just talking roughly off the top of my head with this figure but I reckon about 90% of all people who intend to make money online do this with the purpose of creating a stable passive income stream. I know when I started two years ago with my internet marketing efforts the plan was to establish a stable passive income besides my salary. Ofcourse this was about the time I also discovered Google Adsense and affiliate programs. I like most newbies, bought so many ebooks and downloaded so many programs, joined traffic exchange programs etc. Guess what? Most of the stuff I got and read was all not very helpful. However, I did find a few sites that talked about incredible earnings with the Google Adsense program.

To be honest, Adsense is a brilliant concept and it is easy to use. I do not depend only on Adsense for my efforts to make money online but over and over Adsense has proven to be my biggest earner. It was not always so, for a long time I went without ever making a cent from any of my affiliate programs nor from Adsense. Often the illusion is created that you just need to create a website, apply some SEO techniques, slap some adsense ads on and sit back, relax and watch the cash roll in.

What makes you think that you should not treat adsense and affiliate programs as you would any other business you set up. The same business principles that apply to businesses apply to online money making efforts. There is NO difference. I want to share with you the following points which I have learned that have helped me earn with Adsense and other affiliate programs. These points are basic business logic some will say but it might help someone anyway.

  • Decide on what area or industry you want to get into. Look for niche markets in the chosen industry
  • Knowledge is power so research your niche ALWAYS. Visit blogs in your industry, top websites and always listen out for new developments, attend meetings and stay abreast with happenings
  • Determine what your goals are, come up with strategies to achieve those goals and implement plans to carry out your strategies.
  • Choose a unique angle to approach your target market because remember everyone and their uncle are probably targeting your market too.
  • Do not expect to make thousands within your first six months, making $100 a month is achievable but it is by no means easy
  • Always do things that have worked for you, it is no use wasting your time on things that do not work, you are running a business so treat it like one
  • Whatever you do make sure it gives you maximum profit and it is effective in increasing your earnings
  • Repeat what works and if you try something new, try it on a small scale first


These are the things I have learnt from being in business online for two years. The advice I give is based on my own experiences ofcourse it will differ for some and be similar for others. This is a blog so comment and discuss the issue.

Hope this post was of help to you!



Maybe because it is easier online than offline people don't take it serious, I know I didn't until I saw no money coming | Anna | 07.30.2007 |

The biggest mistake people make and I did too is to believe ALL the so called experts and then they never really tell you anything about anything. They even have the audacity to charge $197 for their 'amazing' advice. Thanks AdsenseAdvisor for breaking it down, at the end of the day it is a business to make money online just like any other business and that is the point most miss. | Shaun | 07.30.2007 |

This is a good post maybe you should do a part two and teach us which strategies worked best and explain for us in detail | Anita | 07.30.2007

It is common sense what is in this post but maybe not everyone out there is business minded | Terrence | 07.30.2007 |

Thanks for the tips! | Geneva | 07.30.2007 |

It is so important for this kind of advice to be made available to newbies for them not to buy the crap for hundreds of dollars that people sell online | Terrence | 07.30.2007 |

It is common sense what is in this post but maybe not everyone out there is business minded | Terrence | 07.30.2007 |


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