Almost A Year With Adsense Advisor

September 10, 2007

Today's post is not so much on a tip, a trick or a piece of advice. No, today's post is aimed at improving the quality of information that this blog provides to you as an adsense publisher. Two days from today, this blog would have turned nine months since going live and since the first article which was Adsense Basics. I must admit, this is the first blog I started and the positive response and encouragement by adsense users out there has been incredible.


I didn't expect to get such a huge positive response and I'd like to thank all my current readers and new readers alike. You guys comments and participation has been great and I'd like to express my gratitude.

The reason for this particular post is to find out from you how you feel about the content and any other feedback that you may have. I am open to "constructive" criticism. I want this blog to be useful and help as many adsense publishers out there as possible. So this information is for you guys to use, so let me know what else you'd like to see on the blog.

Send me mail and let me know what your thoughts on the site are. I look forward to hearing from all of you. Cheers for now.

Hope this post was of help to you!



I love this site and visit regularly |Chieng | 09.10.2007 |

A friend referred me to this site and I must say I am glad she did. I find the content very useful and the advice can actually be applied | Nancy | 09.10.2007 |

Nice site, lots of research and I can't believe you give it all away free. It is way more useful than some of the stuff guys sell for like $97 | Helmut | 09.10.2007 |


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