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January 8, 2007

If you are new to internet marketing, this is probably the typical scenario. You grab yourself a cup of coffee after tucking the kids in, dim the lights in the room, saddle up in front of the PC at the corner desk and get online. You search the search engines like google, yahoo, msn looking for how to make money online. Instead of a simple answer, you're overwhelmed by all the information out there and everyone claiming to be a guru and each one selling you stuff that probably isn't all that great. By the way, not that there's anything wrong with it, but if they are as successful as they claim to be, why are they selling their "widely popular advice" at $147 a piece?

So how exactly do you make money online? Well, one of the most safe and easier ways to make money online is to use the Google Adsense program. What is adsense? Okay let me get back to the basics. When you go to google and enter for example travel as your search keyword google returns a list of results and on the right hand side there's normally a column that reads 'Sponsored Links'. These are ads that belong to advertisers that have bid on the keyword Travel using the Google Adwords program. I'll get back to this in a minute. Let me explain briefly what a keyword is and why it is so important.

When you visit any search engine, the words you type in when you're looking for something are called keywords. Search engines work on keywords to bring you back results that would best fit the words you typed in and they invest a lot of time, resources and money to make sure you get the results you want otherwise they wouldn't be in business. For example if you search for Hawaii Holidays you wouldn't want results on the anatomy of a female mosquito. Get the picture? So what does all this mean?

Back to google advertisers. Google advertisers sign up for a program called Google Adwords in order to run their ads on google. These ads are based on keywords so if I'm a real estate agent and I'm advertising on google, chances are I have bid on the word 'property' as one of my keywords. So if someone searches for beach property, my ad is bound to appear in first, second, third position depending on how much I bid for the keyword and if I bid higher than my competitors. So what you may ask? So my dear adsenser, you can benefit from the Google Adwords program by signing up for the Google Adsense program. The Adsense program allows webmasters like you and me to monetize our website or blog and make money while we present a topic of interest to the web community. Whenever someone comes to your site and finds your site as a 'best fit' for what they are looking for, they may find the ads on your site informational and click on them. However, the ads are meant to be focused and match your topic area in order to attract clicks. What happens when someone clicks on the ad? You make money online from your webpages! In a nutshell, it's that simple. However, many new adsensers suffer from the illusion that if you slap a couple of ads on your webpages then you should make tons of cash. The answer is you might make $5.00 in a month. There are quite a lot of tips and techniques that you will need to action on your webpages in order to see a real return from using Google adsense.

But do not be discouraged, this is a good program and yes there are a number of webmasters and online marketers who have made hundreds of thousands of dollars from using the google adsense program. You are welcome to look through the various topics in this site's archives to learn more about boosting your adsense income. If you're really not sure and want more information, feel free to contact me. I'll be glad to help!

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You know, I always wondered how come the gurus make so much and I'm not making a dime in three months! I've read through some of your articles and I wanna say thanks for all the help. | Kathleen | 01.20.2007 |

After reading your article, I signed up for adsens on my blog and looked for other articles on your site. They have been helpful and I followed some of your advices. I have only been using google adsense for four days and I made my first $20.00! Thank you very much for your advice. | Trevor | 01.19.2007 |

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