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September 11, 2007

I did a post a while ago about alternatives to adsense since some adsense publishers were given the boot by Google. This not only applies to them. As an adsense publisher you can make some very good money. However, I believe in the saying "don't put all your eggs in one basket". Most people I know own more than one website or blog. I own about six websites including two blogs. So what? I'll tell you how to add more ad cents to your adsense.


I have seen many publishers say they supplement their Adsense income with other ad programs. One such publisher is Problogger himself Darren Rowse where he discusses his income streams and their performance. Yes I run six websites. Four out of the six have adsense ads running on them. That's all I use on the four and they perform modestly in terms of earnings. However, the other two sites have AuctionAds running on them.

What is AuctionAds? AuctionAds is also an affiliate program similar to Google Adsense. The difference is, if you have say a site selling electronics, you can use AuctionAds to show you the current bids from ebay on products. AuctionAds gives you the ability to display live ebay auctions on your site. Nice! For me AuctionAds is proving to be a good supplement to my adsense income.

Currently, AuctionAds are running a promotion in which if you sign up as a new AuctionAds publisher, you immediately receive free $25 credited to your new account. Sound interesting enough? Try AuctionAds

Hope this post was of help to you!



I also agree that you should not rely only on one income stream and there are many other ways from earning money online beside adsense | Joe | 09.11.2007 |

Promotion for AuctionAds is really nice I signed up and I got $25 on my earnings. Thanks for the heads up | Mary | 09.11.2007 |

Thanks I will visit AuctionAds as well | Terrence | 09.11.2007 |

I have two blogs and the one outperforms the other in terms of earning with adsense. I think to increase my end result I'll give this Auction thing a try on the one that doesn't do so well with adsense | Mike | 09.11.2007 |

Sounds like a cool idea Mike, do give feedback on the result of your test results with regard to the earnings differences if you don't mind | Kev | 09.11.2007 |

It would be interesting to see how AuctionAds performs in comparison with Adsense although for me I use TextLink Ads and they do well but my Adsense earnings per month always come out tops | Sammy | 09.11.2007 |

Supplementing income is always a good idea. Thanks for the post | Phil | 09.11.2007 |

Ofcourse finding ways to make more money is a good idea. I have not yet tried this auction ads program. Sounds good | Tony | 09.11.2007 |


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