More Than Adsense?

July 23, 2007

It is a known fact that Google Adsense is a quick, simple and good way to monetize a website or blog. There are a number of webmasters out there making a handsome sum of money monthly using Google Adsense as a revenue stream. However, there is always talk of finding alternatives to adsense to reduce dependancy on one program.

Although Google Adsense is the biggest in the industry, other good programs have also emerged over the years. These include, Tribal Fusion, Chitika, Text Link Ads to name a few. I agree that one needs to diversify when it comes to revenue streams and monetizing of blogs and websites. I also agree that you should not depend heavily on one income source or 'keep your eggs in one basket'. Here is a post I came across an article from the Self Made Minds blog that explores this issue. Find out more on this and read the experiences talked about in this post.

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I agree that you should diversify but I think adsense is still the best source of income on the net | Warona | 07.23.2007 |

Other programs are not as easy to get into like adsense and they are so choosy too so I'd stick with Google | Allen | 07.23.2007 |

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