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Seasonal Traffic Equals Increased Income

If you have been working online even just for three months, it doesn't take long for you to figure out what is probably the most crucial element to any online business success and growth. The fact of the matter is TRAFFIC is of importance to any website or blog whether or not you intend to make money. Without traffic your site is headed for the doldrums. To build traffic to your site, I came across a post on how to take advantage of events that take place through out the year.

Darren Rowse of problogger.net writes an article regarding tips on how to take advantage of seasonal trends long before they even happen. Some of the most obvious trends are Christmas, Valentine's, Easter, Thanksgiving etc. Darren tells which tools you can use to determine trends ahead of time and how to go about using and re-using seasonal posts.

If you have an affiliate website, you could start advertising your affiliate products for an upcoming holiday weeks ahead. Usually the site you are affiliated with will offer specials and discounts on certain products long before the event or holiday takes place. The same applies for your adsense ads. Write content for the upcoming season or event and your ads will attract those advertisers whom are ahead of the rest. Read more on this at problogger.

Hope this post was of help to you.