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Google Speaks On Adsense Ads Not Running

It's good to be back in front of my PC writing on my favorite topic, Adsense! The last post I did before I went on holiday was about ads not running on some sites even with the code being correct.

I found a post regarding a comment made by Matt Cutts of Google. It seems like it's not some kind of error but rather the start of a forceful clean up from Google's side. Below is a comment taken from Matt's blog:

I can say that for me personally, I’ve pressed for a lot of things that would decrease revenue to Google, at least short-term, because it would make our users happier. I pushed pretty hard years ago for a blanket stance against Google doing pop-up ads, for example. I’ve also pressed to reduce low-quality publishers in AdSense, too. Either one of those choices might mean less revenue short-term, but happier users and advertisers are likely to be more loyal in the future. Google has taken stronger stances recently e.g. to kick spammy sites out of AdSense, and I think that is better long-term for users and Google.


It seems that Google is going to be getting rid of some of the lower quality publishers forcefully this time by simply disabling ads from their side. You can find a blog post at clicks.ws.

Hope this post was of help to you!