Tips On Increasing Adsense Earnings

May 12, 2007

Too often people create sites with the sole purpose of earning high adsense income. This poses several problems. Firstly, these sites are normally very poor in design. Secondly, the golden rule of content is king flies straight out the window because these sites are MFA. Thirdly, MFA sites are normally useless sites with adsense ads. Sometimes all you get is a blatant adsense marketing page with nonthing but adsense ad units on it.

What's an MFA site? Made For Adsense site. These type of sites annoy a lot of users and their owners usually get banned from Adsense by Google. The sites are created for the sole purpose of users clicking on ads or using the adsense for search so that the webmaster can earn adsense revenue. These sites have no real content or if they have any content, it is normally useless and uninteresting information that at the end of the day does not help people and does not provide anything of value. When you create an adsense business, treat it like you would any other business. If you say you are offering an information rich resource on top proxy sites and users visit your site and all they are presented with is Google Ads, you are asking for trouble.

Taking shortcuts does not pay in the long run. Instead it's a sure way to throw away your adsense pay. Rather build a site that gives value to your visitors and add adsense to your site for you to make some adsense money while you provide a service. Below are 5 tips on increasing adsense earnings from the Internet Marketing Blog.

1. The best format for an Adsense ad is (336×280). As you can see above, it gets the highest click through by far.

2. Use Blue colored links on a white background. These are the default colors in standard html and hence the most common colors for pages and links on the web. All things being equal, users are trained to click on blue links on a white background. I design 99% of my sites using a white background and blue links just for this reason. I WANT CLICKS!

3. Put your adsense ads “above the fold”. This just means put them on the page where they can be seen without the user having to scroll down your web page.

4. CONTENT. Make a real website, not a “MFA” made for adsense ugly, spammy, poluting the internet, content scraping, content stealing, self redundant duplicating, never gonna make a penny, get you banned, crappy website. It’s fine to use “choice” articles from article directories like But you better cherry pick them for your site’s niche. Make sure you don’t make your visitors sorry for wasting their time on your website. Even if they don’t click on anything, at least they got some good information and that can be your good deed for the day.

5. Tired of earning pennies per click? Block competitive websites in your adsense account under the “competitive ad filter” section. For example, if you’re selling or reviewing digital cameras, block and from displaying on your site. Google doesn’t allow advertisers to bid on those trademarks. Hence, if those ads show on your site, it will pay a fraction of a cent. You also want to block the major “mfa” sites for your niche. These kind of sites also pay fractions of a penny per click. Go to They have a great community of adsense publishers just like you who have found “mfa” sites for every niche and share them with you free. It’s a “MUST VISIT” site for any adsense publisher.

Hope this post was of help to you.


I've never heard of a site so I visited it. Very helpful resource, thanks very much! | Tracey | 05.12.2007 |

MFA sites do get banned, friend of mine was banned in February. | Scott | 05.12.2007 |

Great post. I agree that content pays off and I also really hate those purely adsense ad sites too. | Jason | 05.12.2007 |

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