High Paying Adsense Keywords Lists (Part 3)

April 23, 2007

So, we've finally made it to the third and last part of this series on high paying adsense keyword lists. Great stuff! Okay, we've discussed in the last chapter how to go about researching and getting the highest paying adsense keywords for an adsense niche. Now what comes next ? Driving traffic to your new site because without traffic, there are no clicks and no clicks means no adsense income.

I am going to now discuss the methods I used to drive traffic to my adsense sites. Bear in mind that I am listing methods I used, there are many more ways of driving traffic to a site.

Driving Traffic To Your New Site

  1. Firstly, when using the PPC method via Adwords or other PPC services, you need to go about it smartly. For example, just because you want to send people to your site does not mean you should bid on the keywords that payout high on adsense. What I did was, I bid on the lowest paying keywords from my high paying adsense keyword list. This way you can use the lower paying keywords to drive traffic to your site for people to click on the higher paying keywords. This does wonders for your ROI when it comes to PPC advertising.
  2. Forums, search the engines for forums on your topic. Sign up to join the forums and start answering questions and leaving comments also consider starting threads that would interest and be of benefit to users. Create a signature for your profile with a link to your site (s) as part of your signature when participating in forums that way people click on the link and get taken to your site hence bringing you traffic.
  3. Join groups and answer questions there and also leave a signature to your site link in your profile. Go to high traffic sites like yahoo answers and answer questions there then provide your site as a link only if it useful in answering questions. Join StumbleUpon and other bookmarking sites which is a great free source of traffic.
  4. If you are running a blog, consider registering your blog on technorati and then also create a feed for your blog. Ping your blog only when you have updated or new items on it.
  5. Send messages to your friends and colleagues to invite them to your site. However, be careful not to spam. Do not send unsolicited emails especially to people you do not know.
  6. Link exchanges actually do work and I personally have recieved quite a number of visitors from sites that I exchanged links with and I would advise you to get involved with link exchanges. Register your site on link exchange sites like linkmetro and register for link exchanges. Be sure that the sites you exchange links with are good sites because you can get into trouble for linking to sites with a bad reputation. Be sure to use keyword optimized anchor text for your site.
  7. Write articles and submit them to the big article directories. Also, if there is big news regarding your niche topic and your site has something to contribute to this big news, then submit a press release. There are a couple of press release sites that allow you to sign up and submit press releases for free.
  8. If you are running a blog, submit your blog to blog communities and to blog carnivals.

The above methods are methods I use to drive traffic to my websites and blogs. I repeat these each time because they have worked for me. Remember, if an activity such as driving traffic to your site through forums works well, repeat it for all your sites there is no sense in carrying out activities that do not benefit you at the end of the day.

It is very important to note that I started seeing significant results from these traffic driving efforts after about three and a half months. Results vary some people see results right away and others even longer.

Hope this post was of help to you.


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Thanks for sharing the ppc strategy. Never thought of it but it's actually common sense! | Solomon | 04.23.2007


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