High Paying Adsense Keywords Lists (Part 1)

April 11, 2007

Have you ever read about high paying adsense keywords and lists of these keywords on blog posts, articles or forums? Or perhaps some of the gurus in internet marketing have had discussions about it and you were a bit lost as to what they were talking about. I was once lost too but as I began to understand it, I really built up these high expectaions as I'm sure most of you have and to your disappointment it does not work as well as you were told.

Is it not true then, and why do you not yield the great results everyone talks about on the internet with regard to these high paying adsense keywords and lists that are scattered all over? I have broken this topic into three series for better explanation and this is the first of the three posts.

Well, I discovered that there is truth in what they say but they never tell us the whole truth, it's sort of half way and then you must discover the other half by yourself. It takes a lot of time and reading and experimenting with high paying adsense keywords to actually start making some money. Okay so let's discuss the truth and then the whole truth.

Fact of the matter is there are certain keywords in different industries that advertisers using the Google Adwords program bid extremely high prices for. When I say high prices I'm talking really high prices. For example, the keyword 'mesothelioma lawyers' is being bid on at $52.66 per click by Google Adwords advertisers at the time of writing this article. So how do you get a piece of that pie? If you had a site that is focused around this topic then your potential google adsense payout per click would be between $2-$5. Now if you get say even 10 - 15 clicks a day at this price just imagine the potential earnings if you increase your number of visitors!

Sounds absolutely great. However, this is where most stop with their advice. This is only half the story. The basic rules to using adsense and earning money from it are still the same. Say you decide to build a site focusing on high paying adsense keywords like mesothelioma lawyers you would be competing with 1,230,000 other sites and if you decide to take a niche sub topic within this topic then you have a potential 277,000 competitors. Not as competitive as some other topics true but how popular is this topic so that you can maintain a high return every month?

There are several factors to consider before falling for the high paying adsense keywords bandwagon.

  • There is a difference in bid prices on the content network and the search network that adwords advertisers pay. Although smart pricing was introduced by Google to normalize this situation, there still is no way to know for sure how much adsense revenue you will make for each and every single click. So this does not guarantee that for all the 10 - 15 clicks you will be paid the $2-$5.
  • Some advertisers will not distribute their ads to the content network at all, so no revenue from those advertisers for adsensers
  • Will it help your efforts to make money online by creating an adsense site based on a high paying keyword that gets no clicks or very few clicks. How many people actually search for this term on a monthly basis or even a daily basis?
  • Will the visits remain consistent and do the particular individuals visiting your site have interest in clicking in your ads to start with even if they are as relevant as they can get?


So does this mean that high paying adsense keyword lists are useless? Ofcourse not. But here is the thing, treat them with caution. The benefits of these high paying keywords lists are that they make you aware of areas where bidding is high and can give you ideas. What would I do? Find a niche that has high demand and low supply then build the site to provide helpful content for the users. My favorite saying goes 'build a site for users and put adsense ads on it, do not build a site for adsense and put users on it!'

In my next post Part 2, I will show you and explain to you how you can put these high paying adsense keyword lists to good use and to make them work in your favor.

Hope this post was of help to you.


Well after reading this I wonder how many people will now first think before running to create all sorts of rubbish for their adsense! | Frank | 04.11.2007 |

I looking forward to next post because you say the lists can be used to work in your favor and I want to know how | Amanda | 04.11.2007 |

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