iPhone, iPod, iLove!

July 12, 2007

Seems like Apples' iPhone and iPod are the latest thing since I decided to give away a brand new iPhone to one lucky reader. My reasons? I have a BHAG to achieve. What's a BHAG, it stands for Big Hairy Ambitious Goal. My BHAG is to produce the best Adsense FAQ yet. My vision is to have the little ins and outs of Adsense that Google wouldn't tell you about and that some of the gurus "forget" to tell you about. It took me two years of hours and hours of reading, burning my pocket buying crappy ebooks and software. I would like to spare you the trouble!

                                    iPod Nano     Apple iPhone

Back to iPhones, iPods and iLove. FuelMyBlog are giving away two iPod Nanos and some gift certificate vouchers to bloggers only. So if you're not a blogger, well maybe next time. What you need to do is fill out their survey but I guess you need to be a member because I received the news via email. Since I'm giving away an iPhone and they are giving away two iPod Nanos, I thought I'd spread the iLove to you!

Hope this post was of help to you!



Like your title! | Ronnie | 07.12.2007 |

BHAG I like the sound of that. iLove indeed | Juan | 07.12.2007 |

BHAG sounds original :) |Rachel | 07.12.2007 |

iLove the idea...... | Brenetta | 07.12.2007 |

Yes there is a lot of iLove going on. Apple is making a huge profit | Travis | 07.12.2007 |

I think it's a good marketing strategy. Way to go. | Chris | 07.12.2007 |


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