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July 11, 2007

What? Alright I'll explain the headline in a minute. With all the hype surrounding the coming of iPhones to the public, naturally I asked a guy who's got all the latest tech gadgets and sells them at a 'reasonable' price, to hook me up. Turns out he got like five iPhones and so I negotiated a deal with the man known only as 'Xiang'. He agreed to the deal which means good news for you. I'm working on putting together an Adsense FAQ and I'd like YOU to suggest what should go into the FAQ. How will this work?

                                    Apple iPhone     Apple iPhone


Here is how this will work. You send me an email with your suggestions of what you would like to see in the Adsense FAQ for which the final draft is to be compiled on the 25th July 2007. Emails are to be in no later than Monday 23rd July 2007. The best suggestion will get you a spanking new iPhone! The winner will be announced on Wednesday 25th July. You are welcome to make as many suggestions as you like.

It's that simple! To get entry to the giveaway, send me email now. Good luck to you!

Hope this post was of help to you.


I've already entered. | Terrence | 07.11.2007 |

Sounds cool. | Elizabeth | 07.11.2007 |

Definately I will join. | Klaus | 07.11.2007 |

How come you are giving away the iphone and not keeping it? | Marissa | 07.11.2007 |

I am wondering the same thing Marissa. If I get iphone I will not give away just like that. What's going on? | Lee | 07.11.2007 |

To answer your question, I got one for myself but then I negotiated to get a second one for my readers and to get it, they will need to help me compile an Adsense FAQ. That's it! | AdsenseAdvisor | 07.11.2007 |

In that case i will enter. | Lee | 07.11.2007 |

Me too. | Marissa | 07.11.2007 |

A free iPhone then I'm definately in | Kelvin | 07.11.2007 |

Nice. | Oswaldo | 07.11.2007 |

Count me in too. | PlanetX | 07.11.2007 |

I'm in | Heather | 07.11.2007 |

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