Adsense Might Be Coming To Facebook

October 23, 2007

Google is slowly taking over the world while we watch. First of all let me apologize for the prolonged silence. I have recently devoted my time to charities so I traveled to rural Namibia to help distribute medicines to women and children. I also celebrated my birthday in this remote area on the 18th October. I had no access to internet just by the way. Okay so back to business and Google taking over the world. Adsense just went live on YouTube and CNN now they are coming to a spot near you on yes you guessed it Facebook!


In the past few months we've had announcement upon announcement about Google expanding the Adsense network onto other successful sites. What this means for Adsense pubishers is more exposure for you and increase your earnings if you can put up your Adsense ads on your pages on the social network sites.

Adage has a quick article about this on his site so check it out and let me know what you think of Google's quest for net dominance or is it world dominance?

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Happy belated birthday! What I think of this recent quest for net dominance for Google is that if I can make money too then why not? | Dave | 10.23.2007 |

Quite the adventurer AdsenseAdvisor. Thanks for the heads up | Trevor | 10.23.2007 |

Usually when rumors like these start we'll get an official launch in a few weeks since this is the trend I've seen in the articles I've followed here | Carlo | 10.23.2007 |

I wonder if this option will only be available to US publishers only like YouTube or to everyone? | Paulo | 10.23.2007 |

Good question Paulo but looks like we have to wait for it to be official and to be launcehd to see | Philip | 10.23.2007 |

Interesting google just won't stop | Chris | 10.23.2007 |

Thanks for the heads up | Jurgen | 10.23.2007 |

Good information I wouldn't mind testing this if it is available to all when it comes out probably soon | Sven | 10.23.2007 |

Can't wait to see this | Karen | 10.23.2007 |


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