Importance Of Deep Linking

July 9, 2007

I spent the weekend surfing the net and in one of the forums, a question was asked about the benefits of deep linking on a site with adsense as its main money making program. Firstly, you can use deep linking with any form of monetization model and not only with adsense. Secondly however, since I teach on how to monetize sites and blogs with adsense, I'll take a look at this topic in terms of the adsense program.

Perhaps I should first give a definition of what deep linking is. For example if you write a blog about latest hair styles, you may be writing a post on hair types and shampoos that best fit them. You might have written a post on split ends and also another post on how to treat dreadlocked hair. Linking to these two posts from your current post is known as deep linking.

Simply put, deep linking is linking to specific pages in your site from within another page in your site. The first benefit of deep linking is that you are keeping the user on your site or in the case of bloggers, you are keeping the reader on your blog. Deep linking encourages readers to read more of your content and thus they spend more time on your site and you actually force them to stay within your site. Adsense benefit here is that the longer the user stays on your site, the more likely you will get a click on your ads. The second benefit of deep linking is that it tends to raise your PageRank. What is a PageRank?

PageRank is defined as a numeric value representing the importance of a page on the web. Google ranks your pages based on the number of inbound links. Therefore if a page has links coming in, the links are considered a vote of confidence for the page being linked to. A higher PageRank helps also with search engine ranking. Pagerank is not the only algorithm needed to have better results in the search engines but it is an important factor. Adsense benefit here is clear. If you rank higher, more people will find your site and more traffic equals more money for your targeted ads.

The third benefit I have found using deep linking is that my adsense ads are always more targeted where I have used deep linking in conjunction with section targeting. And yes, I've noticed that my ads on the posts applying both deep linking and section targeting get more clicks. I still haven't quite determined if it's coincidence or not. Apply deep linking to your webpages for your website or blog and let me know how it goes.

Hope this post was of help to you.


I used the section targeting as per your post. It works so I look forward to put in practice your advice on deep linking | Mybrugh | 07.9.2007 |

I deep link and I also noticed after a month my page rank went higher. Was it by chance? I don't think so | Trevor | 07.9.2007 |

Section targeting is supposed to make ads more target. But I sometime don't get relevant ads. Maybe I should also add this deep linking | Anja | 07.9.2007 |

Once in a blue moon you tend to get irrelevant ads even when using section targeting. But then try to focus your keywords more and you can avoid this. Yes you can also use deep linking to further target your ads but remember to focus your keywords even for deep linking strategy. | AdsenseAdvisor | 07.9.2007 |

I didn't know that deep linking is also linked with page rank. Thanks AdsenseAdvisor for the heads up! | Brian | 07.9.2007 |

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