Google, CNN In Adsense Deal

August 29, 2007

That's right folks! Google has sealed a parntership with to allow Adsense ads to appear on the CNN site. It seems Google is on a mission to serve adsense on the heavy weight sites that exist on the net today. In July Google hooked up an agreement to serve Adsense ads on Washingtonpost.Newsweek and now they have added to their collection of parnterships. How does this concern you as an Adsense publisher?

A news inset from the and Google deal states the following:

Through this collaboration, the AdSense service places contextually relevant ads alongside content, allowing both small and large advertisers to target specifically and connect with high quality content and traffic. Under the terms of the deal, Google will serve as the exclusive provider of auction-based text advertisements throughout

Notice the mention of "small and large advertisers". This is where you come in as an Adsense publisher. You can take advantage of this by using the Adwords program to reach more users and advertise your site on CNN through the site targeted option of ads. This can drive fresh, new traffic to your site and if you apply the tactics right of blending, placement etc. this traffic can exponentially increase your earnings too.

Start taking advantage of the services available to you and begin to see a considerable increase in traffic and income. Remember, I know I have stressed this to a point where it's over kill but still, 'Content Is King'. Make sure you have useful information to truly enhance the user experience on your site. Read more about the Multi Year advertisement agreement between and Google.

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Good one but how will the ad allocation be if we have to compete against the guys with millions of dollars budget for advertising I wonder? | Tony | 08.29.2007 |

Valid point Tony but as is when using adwords we do compete with the big guys so go for the cheaper keywords in your niche | Alex | 08.29.2007 |

At the end of the day it is Google and CNN that will really gain! | Chris | 08.29.2007 |

Google is always thinking of ways to make more money. Greedy. | Louise| 08.29.2007 |

Ofcourse they are always thinking of ways to make more money that's how they survive. Let's try and join them in making even 0.01% for ourselves lol!! | Brandon | 08.29.2007 |

Let's do that Brandon | Trina | 08.29.2007 |

If you can get your ad served even just for a few hours that's a lot of leads considering how much traffic CNN get in a day | Samara | 08.29.2007 |

Thanks for the article | Chao | 08.29.2007 |

Let's hope it's not too costly to have your ad on longer | Thabo | 08.29.2007 |


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