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February 3, 2007

Ever wondered what a channel is? When you create code for your Adsense ads you're bound to or already have come across something called a channel. So here I'll explain to you what a channel is all about.

A channel simply put, is a tool that Adsense provides with your HTML code to enable you to effectively track and monitor the performance of specifc ads, search boxes or product referrals.

Now there are two types of channels. The first type is based on your URL. This quite a high level view and sort of summary way of monitoring your ads. When I say high level, I mean you monitor all ads under a given URL. With URL channels you do not have a specific breakdown for a specifc adsense ad displayed. The second type of channel is the custom channel. I find these to be more useful as you can monitor individual ads or sets of ads and not generalized views like the URL channel. Google gives you a maximum of two hundred (200) Adsense channels.

The purpose of channels is to equip the adsenser with the correct knowledge of performance of ads and with this know how you can easily see which ad formats and ad types work best for your adsense websites. You also see which ones do not work and you can either proceed to tweak the low performing ads or you can drop them all together. Sometimes if something is not worth the effort then drop it. Concentrating on what works means you make more money with your adsense websites.

Hope this post was of help to you.


I also prefer the custom channel because it helps improve my CTR as I can focus on only the ads that are clicked more often. | Daniel | 02.05.2007 |

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