The "Big Earnings" Frustration

May 11, 2007

Folks, I am truly concerned for beginner adsensers as I write this post. I've received emails from some of my readers especially from those new to adsense. When I say new I mean three months or less. The question I keep seeing is "why am I not making money like the guys who say they make $10,000 a month?" This concerns me because it means they suffer from the "Big Earnings" frustration syndrome. Let me try to explain to my fellow adsensers especially beginners why you are not yet earning the big money.

Fact is you can earn a lot of money from using the Google Adsense program. However, like with everything earning big chunks of money usually does not happen over night. It requires a little hard work and dedication on the part of the webmaster. Too often there are those who post and show off their earnings and make it sound so simple. They normally neglect to mention that by following a set of steps, the end result is then what they show you and me. Very seldom do they show you and me what exactly to do inorder to get there. This is why it is important to understand the workings of the internet world from SEO, SEP, blogging, design to earnings.

There is an excellent answer at adsense chat that was contributed by Danny Carlton. His post was as follows:

"Have you ever read Machiavelli? In spite of the bad things said about him, his book The Prince, actually has some good things in it. He did a study of the dynamics of power in Europe at the time (lots of monarchies) and presented the results of his study to the Prince of whatever country he was living in (I could go look up the dates , location etc. but they're irrelevant to the pooint). In essence his conclusions were that corruption allowed for a quick rise to power, but a short time in power, while noble and honest methods made for a very slow rise to power, but a very long time in power. It's not as applicable to politics today, since our politicians are constantly "rising to power" in having to win re-elections.

But it does have application to business, especially AdSense. Bending the rules can get you quick money with AdSense, but that revenue source will be short lived. Obeying the rules takes much, much longer to gain in revenue, but that revenue source is generally very stable. I think the people you hear about who make a lot of money fast, have to continue to find new ways to bend the rules in order to maintain that revenue, while those who follow the rules, eventually, can relax and enjoy the income from a stable revenue source.

Those flash-in-the-pan AdSense "millionaires" are extremely clever and sharp, and not everyone can do what they do, or would want to. Joel's got some great, common sense guidelines for an above-board approach to AdSense that allow for honest, regular people to work and build a revenue source that's stable and dependable. I'll stick with that and let others dance with risky income."

Hard work always pays off in other words. Keep reading up on ways to get higher adsense income and focus your efforts on creating useful, content rich sites and getting in traffic. The earnings will follow as long as you do not give up.

Hope this post was of help to you.


It is human nature to always look for easy ways and quick ways to get rich. Nice reminder that shortcuts don't get you anywhere!| Teressa | 05.11.2007 |

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