How Adsense Arbitrage Made Me $4515.00

September 14, 2007

This is the story of a gentleman by the name of Michael Plante. Who is he? An adsense publisher just like you and me. Michael's story is quite an interesting read. You might ask didn't Google ban Adsense Arbitrage? Fact of the matter is in business all over the world, arbitrage is used almost on a daily basis. Business opportunities using the arbitrage method. Arbitrage is simply buying an item in one market at a cheap price and selling it in another market at a higher price. So what does arbitrage have to do with adsense and adwords?


As I have just mentioned, arbitrage involves buying an item in one market and selling it in another market at a higher price than what you boughty the item for. In terms of adsense and adwords, you buy keywords and advertising and resell by sending your visitors to your adsense pages. So you bid e.g. 40 cents for a keyword and direct your user to a landing page with adsense worth $10.

Did Google ban adsense arbitrage? No, adsense arbitrage is a business process that I feel no one can reallly stop. Google banned those that abused the system using arbitrage. When you log out of your adsense account you'll see that google encourages you to use their version of pay per click advertising which is adwords to drive traffic to your site. Clearly this shows that they are not against adsense arbitrage they are against MFA and other crappy sites that are for the sole purpose of earning money and do not add value to the user experience.

Michael Plante was working in the IT industry and was laid off from his job. He then discovered that there were business opportunities that existed online. He explored ways on how to make money online and work from home. He initially started using affiliate programs and also joined google as an adsense publisher. He admits to not making much from adsense until he got keyword elite. He also purchased the popular Perry Marshall ebook titled "The Definitive Guide To Adwords". He then took advantage of the adsense arbitrage method, he made sure he stayed in line with the adsense TOS. He read some other adsense ebook and took advantage of some adwords features. He then made $4515 in just a little over 30 days.

Brad Callen of keyword elite did a case study on Michael Plante so you can download the ebook on the case study and learn a few things about how Michael attained his success. Thisis your chance to supercharge your home business and take advantage of adsense and adwords too.

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Thanks for the download | Teddy | 09.14.2007 |

Actually it is true google tells you about adwords under Google publisher tools when you go out of the adsense page | Cheryl | 09.14.2007 |

I agree that arbitrage is a method used in business and I was skeptical when people in forums said Google banned it | Henry | 09.14.2007 |

Interesting post | Sven | 09.14.2007 |

I've read the ebook but he's very secretive about niches and exactly what he's placements are. Got like two points I didn't know. Just another marketing gimmick for keyword elite | Don | 09.14.2007 |

For obvious reasons he doesn't reveal his niche although he does hint that it has to do with software | T.B. | 09.14.2007 |


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