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August 13, 2007

After browsing around a couple of blogs, reading reviews from other bloggers, forums and a few user emails it has come to my attention that indeed adsense seems to have a new addition to their ad units. I didn't post on this last week when the initial discussions began in the blogosphere because I don't like to report on something if I haven't seen, tried or experienced it for myself. However, I spotted one or two while browsing some blogs yesterday.

I have not seen any official announcements from Google Adsense stating that they are making additions or changes to their ad units. I take it the big G is in some sort of Beta testing for the interactive links we are seeing in the ad units. Also because not everyone has as yet seen the new links in their ad units confirms the beta testing theory even more. What it is, is that there are links at the bottom of your ads which appear to be keyword related and then there is also the "show more" link. When you click on these links it'll open another page with a list of more ads which would appear to be relevant to your content or keywordsl.

My guess is Google is testing to see if these links will have an impact or not on the current ad units. Based on the outcome then Google will or will not permanently integrate these changes into the current Adsense ad units or perhaps create new ad units. It will be interesting to see what happens. Here are a couple of links where you can see what the new links look like.


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I wonder if this beta test is in some countries only because I haven't seen it on our South African sites | Kobus | 08.13.2007 |

Interesting to see what comes out of it for sure |Gozla | 08.13.2007 |

I'm sure it will spread and become official if they achieve whatever they are looking for as an outcome from their testing | Ricky | 08.13.2007 |

Wonder if it will have any impact on CTR? | Annie | 08.13.2007 |

Agreed Annie. It would be interesting to see what happens to the CTR if they do eventually implement this change | Marco | 08.13.2007 |


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