Adsense Not Running On Some Sites

October 31, 2007

It's been a few days since I last wrote a post. This was because I was launching a new blog and giving some adsense training to the owner of the blog. So while I was gone, I checked up on some of my sites and noticed that the adsense ads were not running on one of my sites. I checked around from other Adsense publishers, bloggers and in the forums to search for answers and do some research before contacting Google.

The fact is that Adsense is not running on certain websites and blogs. This has been coming along for a little over a week now. Not all Adsense publishers are affected by this and I can believe that. I have a total of five websites running including two blogs and out of those there are only two sites on which my ads are not appearing.

I sent an email to the Google Adsense team however I have not yet received a response other than the thank you we'll look into it note. Other webmasters also say the Google Adsense team have not provided them with a response yet either. It is strange though that only certain blogs and sites are affected meaning there might be some kind of screening going on. This is mere speculation at this point. I'll keep you posted on any response from Google.

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I have three sites and on my make money site the adsense ads stopped running roughly six days ago. My other sites are not affected |Jane | 10.31.2007 |

I've only got one blog and my ads are fine so I guess I'm not affected by whatever is going on | Eddie | 10.31.2007 |

Google has not yet sent me a response on what's going on and this is very upseting as I do not have my ads showing | George | 10.31.2007 |

My ads stopped showing 5 days ago but no response from Google either. Why have they stopped showing the ads? | Nathan | 10.31.2007 |

My sites are fine but maybe I should be on the look out then | Chris | 10.31.2007 |

What is the criteria for Google to stop showing ads because my friend and me started sites in the same genre at the same time. My ads are showing but his not and if I put my code on his site then it doesn't show | Joao | 10.31.2007 |

Well Joao that sounds odd. The current problem we are experiencing is that some sites and blogs that have adsense are not showing ads but it would appear to be for some genres only but if you are in the same genre and it's working on one and not the other then that might be unrelated to this problem | Berger | 10.31.2007 |

It could be something wrong with the coding of your friends pages. Try to troubleshoot using the Adsense help center | Bill | 10.31.2007 |

Probably Google's programmers still have to find the bug or there is something Google is not telling us as yet | Marcus | 10.31.2007 |

Might be that Google is doing a clean-up exercise | Natasha | 10.31.2007 |

It would not be fair of them to do a clean up without informing you first. It is normal that they communicate with you before they do anything | 10.31.2007 |

I have read in the past week about a problem but I do not experience it as yet and my site is still showing my ad | Ray | 10.31.2007 |


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