Adsense Reporting Terms Defined

March 3, 2007

For newbies who might not yet understand what all those terms like eCPM mean, the terminology on Adsense when you log into your account can be quite confusing. When you are in your Adsense account, the default page that is shown is normally the report page. On this page you have statistics of performance for your Adsense site or sites. Ofcourse the best thing to do would be to read your Google Adsense Help to get definitions and meanings for each item you see in the report of your account.

I have been asked more often than not what the terms mean. Typically you have some fields in the report section when you log in. However, the most important three terms are the Impressions, Page CTR (Click Through Rate) and the eCPM. Your earnings will depend on these and ofcourse the clicks. We will not discuss the clicks in this post because that is obvious.

1) We start with Impressions. What are they? Impressions are basically the number of times that your adsense webpages have been viewed. You'll find that by increasing traffic to your site, your adsense impressions also become higher.

2) The second heading of importance is the Page CTR or Page Click Through Rate. What this refers to is the number of visitors that actually clicked on your adsense ads. The adsense ads displayed need to be very focused on the topic of your page and Google will give you better adsense ads. More focused ads generally attract more clicks and this can push your Click Through Rates higher, resulting in a higher earning and you make more money.

3) The third and final heading we define is the eCPM which in full is the Effectivve Cost Per Impression. This is a determination of your average earnings per thousand clicks. These impressions are calculated in batches of a thousand. So for every thousand impressions, Google Adsense determines an average of your earnings.

Some advertisers using the Google Adwords Program pay fees based on impressions. In this case you'll find that even though you have clicks on your ads, your report will show no earnings. If an advertiser is paying per impression, you get paid per thousand impressions otherwise if you don't make the thousand impressions, there's no pay! Hope this post was of help to you.


Thanks for that, I used to wonder why sometimes I have clicks but no pays. Now it is clear. | Kelvin | 03.05.2007 |

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