Avoid Mistakes And Being Banned By Google

March 25, 2007

Time and again I have seen posts in forums where webmasters are complaining that their google adsense accounts have been disable or banned. You may be wondering what exactly it is that happens when a google adsense account becomes disabled or banned.

It is important before sign up or when in the initial days of using your new adsense account to read the Google TOS (Terms of Service). This document contains several guidelines concerning the usage of adsense on your website(s) or blog spaces. It tells you which activity is prohibited by Google and which steps to follow in order to comply with the adsense rules. Let us look at ten guidelines to follow to avoid your adsense account being disabled or banned.

1) Never click on your own ads. If you would like to test and see what your ads will look like, rather use tool called Google Preview Tool. You can find more information here. Never under no circumstances click on your own adsense ads. You will be banned for sure. Sometimes, Google will send you an email warning you about clicking your own ads and give you advice on steps to follow in this case.

2) Do not alter the adsense code generated in the Adsense Setup part of your account. Rather use the Adsense Setup to customize the ads to the appereance of your website or blog.

3) Do not violate the Google Adsense TOS by placing more than three ad units on any given page. You are allowed three ad units, two search boxes and an ad link unit on a single webpage.

4) Although Google allows you to specify alternative ads when you use Adsense Setup, bear in mind that you are not allowed to run competitive contextual ads or search services on a site which also offers Google Adsense.

5) Do not use other competitive search services such as MSN on the same page where you have placed Google Adsense search.

6) Do not create multiple Adsense accounts. Use one account for all your websites. You can track all your ads, search and referral programs by using channels when you create code for them in Adsense Setup. If you have multiple and Google discover this, ALL your accounts will be disabled.

7) Adsense ads should only be placed on content pages. Google prohibits the creation of pages purely for Adsense.

8) When placing adsense ads on your website or blog, acceptable labels for your headings should either be Adverts, Advertisements or Sponsored Links. Never use urging words or titles like Click Here and nver encourage users to click on Adsense ads by making claims like Donate To This Site. Do not send emails to family or friends either telling them to click on your adsense ads.

9) Do not post onto the web or publicly announce any confidential information about your adsense account. This information includes your CTR, CPM and earnings from a specific type of ad unit.

10) Do not use automatic click tools or programs to click on your adsense ads. Google will eventually catch up with you and you will be banned.

Ofcourse, there are more tips and advice on what not to do when using Adsense but the best place to read further is the Google Adsense TOS. Hope this post was of help to you.


This is great information. Thank you. | Wendi | 04.01.2007 |

I have upgraded my template and do not even know if I have put it in the right place. Please help. | Debra | 04.01.2007 |

I didn't know that you can used the different formats on one page e.g. ad units and link units together. Thanks for the info. | Caroline | 03.26.2007 |

I read somewhere that also joining paid to surf programs will get you banned from adsense. | Patrick | 03.25.2007 |

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