Where Did "Allowed Sites" Go?

August 31, 2007

I'm sure most of you would have noticed by now that the "Allowed Sites" feature is gone. Yes it's gone! When you log into your Adsense account you'll notice that the link that had the allowed sites is no longer there next to the Competitive Ad Filter link. This issue has been in the forums since yesterday and I naturally got my P.I. hat on and did some digging. After much discussion, it came to light that indeed Google rolled back this feature. Why?

According to AdsenseAdvisor (Not Me!!) at WebmasterWorld Google has rolled back this feature but doesn't quite explain why they did it. Probably bugs!! Below is an inset of the response AdsenseAdvisor gave in the thread.

Sorry for the delayed update - I've been trying to find out as much as I could about this situation in order to make sure I passed along accurate information to all of you.

We're very happy you're all so excited about the new Allowed Sites feature. Unfortunately, we had to temporarily roll back its release, but expect to see it in your accounts again soon. We hope that it helps alleviate many of the concerns publishers have had about code theft and click sabotage.

In the meantime, our engineers have confirmed that we deactivated any settings you made yesterday, so your ads will continue to monetize as normal on all sites.

Again, we're sorry for the inconvenience and confusion, and appreciate your patience.

What am I on about? Below is a screen shot of the change with courtesy of Digital Forums' Adsense discussions. The pictures were contributed by Adulu.

Snapshot Yesterday

Snapshot Today

So girls and boys, don't panic, I'm sure the "Allowed Sites" Feature will re-appear as suddenly as it disappeared. It's not anything wrong with your Adsense it's Google themselves!

Hope this post was of help to you!



Thanks, didn't know that actually | Jossy | 08.31.2007 |

Maybe Google just wanted to see what the response would be if they took away the feature lol!! | Sinister | 08.31.2007 |

Dirty business tactic, didn't think of it like that Sinister. You are pretty sinister it would seem | Nate | 08.31.2007 |

Then they are happy with their response hey Sinister! | Antonia | 08.31.2007 |

So what is this allowed sites supposed to do? | Adriane | 08.31.2007 |

Adriane the allowed sites feature gives you the power to specify which sites your Adsense is valid on.| Mary | 08.31.2007 |

Saw it in my account but didn't know what it was. Reading the article and seeing comments sounds like it's good feature | Shengi | 08.31.2007 |

Google took it down and is causing me bugs errr what now? | Xander | 08.31.2007 |

Just re-copy your ad code without the feature like before | Jason | 08.31.2007 |

If your performance changed then contact Google | Lee | 08.31.2007 |

Another stunt by Google | Derek | 08.31.2007 |

Perhaps they were just in testing phase and have rolled back to fix bugs they discovered before any of us complained. Just a thought | Desiree | 08.31.2007 |

They best bring it back soon | Demeanor | 08.31.2007 |


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