Adsense Seminar In Cape Town, South Africa

August 21, 2007

Cape Town is most famous for its tourist attractions like Table Mountain, famous winelands in Stellenbosch or the island where legendary Nelson Mandela was at Robben Island. All lovely but what's that got to do with anything you may ask? Okay here is the deal. October 25th and 26th, 2007, an adsense seminar will be taking place in the mother city and yours truly will be a guest presenter.

I will give a presentation on my experiences in the online world since 2005 and as an African woman the challenges I have faced and my humble successes thus far. I'm hoping to inspire, motivate and help others who would like to earn with programs like Google Adsense and other affiliate programs. I'm also going to touch a bit on blogging and the growth trend in the SADC region of Africa.

So if you find yourself in Cape Town during this time then be sure to stop by! Register for the event or get more information regarding the seminar here.

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Will be sure to make a turn since its in the hood | Zali | 08.21.2007 |

Who will the other speakers be? | Thandi | 08.21.2007 |

Mostly local entrepreneurs but the list is still to be confirmed Thandi, should be finalized by next week we hope | Adsense Advisor| 08.21.2007 |

A great opportunity for us in Mzanzi | Zandile | 08.21.2007 |

Wow, sounds good, who's idea was it? | Thembi | 08.21.2007 |

Doors are opening up I see which is good | Arthur | 08.21.2007 |

Nice, I'll definately attend | Anna-Marie | 08.21.2007 |

I guess it's cool but shouldn't this have been done like a while ago? I mean how long have the guys overseas been having internet conferences? | Titan | 08.21.2007 |

Viva development to mzanzi!! | Ali | 08.21.2007 |

Come guys, let's attend where we can this sounds good | Trina | 08.21.2007 |

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