Adsense To Go Mobile

August 6, 2007

As part of their efforts to expand their services and continue to offer webmasters a quality product, Google has announced that they are now in beta testing of the Google Adsense version for mobile websites. Adsense for mobile will allow webmasters with websites for mobile phones to use the adsense program on their mobile sites.

The Adsense team have invited a few select number of webmasters with mobile websites to try the beta product. One such site which was invited by the Adsense team to try out the mobile version of Adsense is Self Made Minds.

Visit their site to read more about their invitation to try this new exciting extension of the Google Adsense Program.

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It will be interesting to see the ad sizes! | Tristan | 08.6.2007 |

They are always looking for more ways to score hey? | Max | 08.6.2007 |

Perhaps we should all start developing our sites for mobile too | Kennard | 08.6.2007


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