Adsense iPhone Competition Extended

July 23, 2007

Today was supposed to be the day that emails stop being accepted at around eleven tonight. Well, I have received a number of emails from a number of you requesting that the competition be extended. I have received some brilliant suggestions for the Adsense FAQ and well, since the effort is supposed to create an Adsense FAQ second to well, Google, there is still room for more.

Room for more means yes I have decided to extend the competition entries for a few more days. So now it will be as follows. The closing date for email entries will be on Tuesday 31st July 2007 at 11:59:59p.m. The competition winner will be announced on Friday 3rd August 2007. If you haven't yet entered it's simple. Send me an email with your suggestion of an Adsense question together with the answer. You can send as many entries as you please. Send mail now and stand the chance to win a brand new iphone!

Hope this post was of help to you!



I was one of those who asked for the prize to be extended. Thanks! | Jody | 07.23.2007 |

Thanks for more time. | Natasha | 07.23.2007 |

Rigth On! I will be sending some more | Debbie | 07.23.2007

Ofcourse I would like a new iphone | Ricky | 07.23.2007 |


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