Adsense Nonsense And Bad Checks?

July 20, 2007

Quite a heading hey? As you would have noticed it has been a couple of days since I last wrote a post. I am planning an Adsense Blogger's meet up for readers in this part of the woods. The last one was such a resounding success and I learnt so much from others that I can't wait to have another one. Back to Adsense nonsense and bad checks. I found a post on Mobile Jones where, get this, Google bounced a check!

You probably don't believe that one. How on earth would a company as huge as Google get it right to bounce a check? Sometimes even the best have bad days. This story is not made up and too often, I have seen posts in the forums by frustrated adsense account owners waiting for their payment PIN provided by Google that just never arrives. Now read the experience Mobile Jones endures when trying to cash the adsense check! You will laugh at this one.

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I would also be in awe if I get to the bank and teller tells me the payer has no sufficient funds? This is google we are talking about | Patrick | 07.20.2007 |

Having trouble understanding this one! |Yolanda | 07.20.2007 |

Google just has too many adsense accounts and it seems they have even more than they can handle | Jason | 07.20.2007

I'm not a big Google fan so why am I not surprised? | Bill | 07.20.2007 |

Good old Google's customer support leaves a lot to be desired | Vanya | 07.20.2007 |

I'm still in shock, I can imagine myself in such a situation?! | Lee | 07.20.2007 |

No's Google! | Michael | 07.20.2007 |

My goodness! How could such a thing happen with such a big company? Terrible service is all I can say | Antonia | 07.20.2007 |

I use direct deposit into my account. Avoids all the issues associated with checks like bouncing, lost, stale etc. | Percy | 07.20.2007

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