Google Adsense API, Power To Earn More

September 4, 2007

Power to earn more? Don't I already have power to earn with Google Adsense anyway? A good question and yes, you already have the power to earn. Using Adsense features like the referrals 2.0 which is Google's latest addition to the Adsense functionality, publishers can take advantage of referrals. Where does Google Adsense API come into the picture? Well, let's discuss this new feature in detail.

The Google Adsense API has been in beta mode. However, on the 13th September 2007, Adsense will launch the API and sites that will qualify to use the feature are those that have at least 100,000 page views per day. This is the requirement and you can always apply for implementation once your page views per day reach the required minimum.

Implementation is free and the Google Adsense team help you implement they API on your site. Here is an inset from the Google Adsense API site.

It's completely free to implement the AdSense API. As you begin to develop with the AdSense API, we can work closely with you to ensure a smooth and quick implementation. To make your programming environment even easier, the AdSense API utilizes SOAP and WSDL, which support a growing number of languages - including Java, .NET, Perl, PHP, Python and XML. You can check out some sample code in the Developer's Guide.

The Adsense team also suggest that sites best suited to use the API are those where the users create their own web content like social networking sites, web hosting, web publishing and blogging. However, remember that the minimum requirement for you to be able to qualify for the Adsense API is to have 100,000 page views per day.

To find out more about the features and benefits of using Adsense API read more here.

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100,000 page views? That's Google for you! | Martin | 09.04.2007 |

Some hectic stuff but sounds like an even better way to increase your revenue provided you have high traffic | Lyndon | 09.04.2007 |

Don't think small publishers will ever get to use it | Keira | 09.04.2007 |

Another way Google 'serves' our best interest. What's the deal with the minimum 100,000 page views? |Tony | 09.04.2007 |

100 000 page views is way too much for most people | Ray | 09.04.2007 |


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