More Issues On Competitive Ad Filter

August 20, 2007

A while ago I did a post on Competitive Ad Filter and how to use it. It would appear that there are still some kind of bugs in Adsense when it comes to using the competitive ad filter. I came across an article by Vincent Rich where he talks about a bug he encountered that wiped out his entire competitive ad filter list. Ouch! He also continues to explain how you can correctly use the Adsense preview tool. It's always good to read other people's experiences and tips.

Vincent in his post shares with us a bug that I personally have not encountered when using the refresh browser button. However, he clicked the refresh button and lost his competitive ad filter list by doing that. It really is wise to make a back up in a text file like he goes on to explain in order to recover your list. Read more about his experiences with the competitive ad filter and his advice on using it.

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Using that geo-targeting thing gave me hassles quite honestly, I do not recommend changing it from the Auto | Hein | 08.20.2007 |

Google gives us all this features but half of them are so darn hard to just implement, what is the use? | Corrie | 08.20.2007 |

Corrie you sound frustrated and there are many like you . Try to use the advice of sites like this one!! | Justin | 08.20.2007 |

Thanks for giving us another opinion adsense advisor | Tobie | 08.20.2007 |

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