Scrolling Ads To Come To Adsense

December 13, 2007
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As you may know by now if you have been using adsense for a while, Google is always coming up with new and improved ad units. Not so long ago they introduced new ad formats and even adsense video ad units. Well the team over at Google has been busy again!

Adsense Not Running On Some Sites

December 4, 2007

It's good to be back in front of my PC writing on my favorite topic, Adsense! The last post I did before I went on holiday was about ads not running on some sites even with the code being correct. I found a post regarding a comment made by Matt Cutts of Google. It seems like it's not some kind of error but rather the start of a forceful clean up from Google's side. Below is a comment taken from Matt's blog:

Adsense Not Running On Some Sites

October 31, 2007

It's been a few days since I last wrote a post. This was because I was launching a new blog and giving some adsense training to the owner of the blog. So while I was gone, I checked up on some of my sites and noticed that the adsense ads were not running on one of my sites. I checked around from other Adsense publishers, bloggers and in the forums to search for answers and do some research before contacting Google.

Adsense Might Be Coming To Facebook

October 23, 2007

Google is slowly taking over the world while we watch. First of all let me apologize for the prolonged silence. I have recently devoted my time to charities so I traveled to rural Namibia to help distribute medicines to women and children. I also celebrated my birthday in this remote area on the 18th October. I had no access to internet just by the way. Okay so back to business and Google taking over the world. Adsense just went live on YouTube and CNN now they are coming to a spot near you on yes you guessed it Facebook!

Adsense Launch Video Units At Last!

October 15, 2007

If you have been following this blog then you would have read a post I wrote titled YouTube To Offer Adsense Video. What this article talked about was that YouTube was going to start offering video as adsense units enabling publishers to use adsense with their video capabilities on YouTube. This ofcourse is exciting for any adsense publisher who is aware of the power of YouTube.

Did You Know Simple AdSense Trick?

October 8, 2007

Sometimes the smallest of things can make a huge difference. I'm talking about Adsense and getting a higher CTR (Click Through Rate). I came across an article that is on digg too. The author listed as Dizbe reveals a little secret that even I didn't know about but it is said to work. It might not have the same results for every adsense publisher however, I'm pretty sure it'll make a difference.

YouTube To Offer Adsense Video!

October 3, 2007

The world of business is all about making more money and looking for ways to improve strategies for sustainability and profitability. This should be the same for you as an adsense publisher. You make money through your adsense and you should always be looking for ways to improve and increase your earnings as well as new ways to continue to sustain your online business. Google has made an announcement that should excite you as it did for me!



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